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Digital Health Kiosk

Our digital health kiosk can be installed in hospitals, offices, malls and gyms to provide additional remote care options. Each kiosk is manned by a certified nurse and can walk the patient through a self assessment or periodic check up

As our global population ages, the prevalence of chronic diseases requiring ongoing care is on the rise. It's become increasingly challenging for seniors ot receive immediate, personalised care at a hospital, especially during emergencies like sudden falls or ECG abnormalities. This leaves families constantly anxious about the safety of their loved ones. There's a pressing need for a solution that ensures both the health and independence of our seniors, offering peace of mind to families while supporting the autonomy of our older generation.



of physicians feel overextended or at full capacity

People with chronic diseases account for


of hospital admissions


of U.S. healthcare spending goes to the treatment of chronic diseases

Up to


of patients don't comply to medical treatment

People with chronic disease account for


of health systems rank improving patient outcomes as a critical priority

Disengaged patient are


as likely to have unmet medical needs and


as likely to delay medical care


Prognosis Remote Patient Monitoring is able to monitor, manage and engage patients with common chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, from the safety and comfort of their own home while improving their clinical and financial outcomes.

We use devices like






It gathers real-time data and provides 20 minutes of coaching with registered nurses every month to help patients reach their wellness goals.

Proactive care and
Patient management

Prognosis has a provider facing dashboard that presents a snapshot of a member’s health and treatment history to help providers facilitate care coordination. The longitudinal patient record allows care providers to access the health plan’s view of information associated with a member including gaps in care, utilization, pharmacy, labs, care management, communications and documents.

How it Works


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End-to End Remote Patient Monitoring
and Telehealth Services

Delivering care where
and when it’s needed

A Solution for Multiple Conditions

Blood Glucose ECG Sp02 Monitor
Smart Ring 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring
Blood Pressure Kiosk
Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer
Wireless Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter
Wireless Bluetooth Blood Pressure
Foot Monitor
Wireless Bluetooth Weight

Outcomes Delivered

Improve Patient

Detect early onset of problems for chronic conditions

AI based risk identification for patient population

Ensure Medication Adherence and personalized care planing

Increase Affordability
of care

Manage high-cost patient with analytics driven decision support

Periodic checkup by care team reduces major hospitalisation costs

Transform the patient and care team experience

Enable immersive video-based collaboration with patients, care team and care givers through secure chat and health tweets

Educate patient and provide a lifeline to care coordinators

Improve Patient

Harness intelligent workflows for complete operational control, enable virtual medication reconciliation, remote patient monitoring and chronic care management

Automated Surveys to see patient experience

Peace of Mind with Prognosis

Personalised setup of devices and monitoring by our medical team.

Automated alerting of doctors & family when vitals change.

Are you keen on providing personalized care?

We can help you enable proactive interventions across your care coordination processes.

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